Haute Couture

“Nothing changes faster than fashion, and BACCI is always on the cutting edge!”

Haute Couture

Haute Couture Roughly translating to ‘’high sewing’’, Haute Couture refers to the creation of exclusive custom-made attire, achieved by using high-quality raw material that is hand-processed from end to end by highly-skilled sewers and tailored specifically for an individual wearer. It requires skillful expertise and often involves demanding time-consuming techniques to attain excellence in the form of high-end fashion. That’s why Haute Couture vestment is notable for having no price; its oneness and exclusivity makes it invaluable.



An unprecedented design is what makes Vitro clothing truly extraordinary, setting it miles apart from any other contemporary fashion trend with every piece being a real ‘’objet d’art’’ that narrates a fascinating story. Similar to the way small pieces of glass are bound together by plaster on a stained glass window, Vitro attire features different segments of fur stitched together to create the same exquisite outcome
on the outer side of the clothes. As for the inner side, the flawless symmetry of the flower patterns are achieved by utilizing three different top-notch materials: rex rabbit fur, organza and wool ripped cloth for the sleeves, collar and hem. What makes the pieces truly extraordinary however is the see-through cloth allows the the flower patterns andtheir stitches to be visible from the outside, in between the exterior fur.



In line with the founding principles and core aesthetics of BACCIour latest creation is an amalgam of architectural eupnea, traditional craftsmanship and state of the art fashion designing. Adhering to the doctrine of Haute Couture, the exclusive Vitro pieces are customly handcrafted from start to finish by gifted sewers that have the utmost attention to detail. The result is a high-end fashion sensation reflected in our unique clothing that is thus solely offered as a limited edition.




Vitro is a highly conceptualized artistic design that was conceived as a fashion
equivalent to traditional Greek architecture featuring stained glass windows. The outer side covered in fur represents the exterior of a mansion of the 18th century, a period marked by the beginning of trade with the West and the simultaneous inception of fur art. The inner side is a visual representation of the interior of the mansion that is filled by warm, bright colors as daylight reflects on its stained windows Lastly, acting as a connecting material between two different worlds, wool represents the newly-found trade routes between Greece and mainland Europe in the early 17th century.



The idea behind Vitro derived from the exceptional artistry of the stained glass windows that adore 17th and 18th century mansions in the northern Greek village of Siatista, the place where BACCI was born and where it has been thriving since 1963. The beauty of the light distorted through stained glass and the effect it had on the mansions’ residents is now reflected on Vitro clothing by a perfect symmetry, bright and vivid colors and vibrant flower patterns. The aim of the inventive design is to capture the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Siatista and its long-standing fur art tradition, binding them by needle and thread to sculpt them into impeccable apparel.