About us

The birth of a legend

BACCI is a conceptual brand helmed by a Greek heritage company, and specializing in sophisticated, premium outerwear.

Driven by a Doric aesthetic with a hard-edged sensuality, the BACCI look is defined by its construction.

Form is key to our aesthetic. We stress modernist design underpinned by attention to detail, commitment to creative pattern cutting and the use of an unexpectedly large variety of fine furs.

The close connection between architecture and fashion is something that truly captivates us. Sculptural silhouettes and architectural cuts translate contemporary luxury into a digital arena, bringing the gap between the tactile and the virtual.

Discover an extensive selection of furs, mink, astrakhan, chinchilla, sable, rex rabbit, fox, lynx, swakara and many more blended with lamp leather skins, wool and exquisitely soft cloth. Each piece is created to keep the body safe and protected, while presenting an artistic expression.

BACCI is located in Siatista, Northern Greece, where the secrets of the art of fur have been passed on from generation to generation since the 17th century.

The Bacci Vision

The Greek aesthetic has, for millennia, been informed by and at times defined by our architectural heritage. We have sought to embrace this, but remain revolutionary. Every BACCI silhouette is sculpture. Every cut is architecture. Every final piece is a work of classical art, as well as a contemporary outfit that will turn heads anywhere from Athens to Germany, From London to Paris, and from Moscow to New York.

Who We Are

BACCI is very much a continuation of a family business. Our grandfather Dimitris Batsis founded the fur couture business in 1963, mainly working in Astrakhan and mink. In 1973,Vasilis Batsis joined the business making mink and astrakhan coats and jackets. By 1990 we had added a line of fine leather jackets as well.


In 1998, Vasilis worked in a world-leading fur label. By 2011 he was working with his son Dimitris creating unique, high quality items of Chinchilla, sable, mink and many more high-end fur types.

Anastasia Batsi is now the brand’s fashion designer. After finishing her fashion design studies she worked with big fashion labels, but has come home along with Dimitris Batsis as Fur Artisan to create the new BACCI .

Now we are ready to give the world some truly fresh ideas, as well as the benefit of old world, traditional craftsmanship.